Wanneroo Botanical Gardens

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens is the realisation of a Dutch couple's dream to convert two hectares of sandy scrubland north of Perth into a magical mini golf garden playground. With incredible vision, they embarked on a planned two-year project back in 1974, which eventually took seven years to complete. One thousand tonnes of organic waste, seven hundred tonnes of limestone and thousands of plants were lovingly molded and shaped into the stunning waterways and gardens seen today.

Over the years Wanneroo Botanical Gardens have continued to improve with developments such as an 18-hole billiard golf course and the Leapfrogs Cafe, an unusual alfresco cafe. Wheel chair access is available throughout the park.

Set amongst 5 acres of stunning botanical gardens, each track is uniquely shaped with its own obstacles, curves, ramps and devious dilemmas.

Location: 25 Drovers Place, Wanneroo, WA. on the shores of Lake Joondalup. The park is easily accessible by car, however if you don't have a car, you can catch a train to Joondalup station and then the number 468 bus to Drover's Place where it stops outside the park.

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