Hyde Park

Hyde Park, on the border of the inner northern suburbs of Highgate and Mt Lawley, is one of Perth's most well known parks. It was created out of what the early colonials named Third Swamp and was a regularly used campsite for local aborigines when the first white settlers established the Swan River Colony in 1829.

Water from Third Swamp flowed into Second Swamp, which was between Bulwer Street and Brisbane Street to the east of Lake Street (Lake Street was named because it ran between First Swamp and Lake Kingsford). First Swamp, part of which is now Birdwood Square, was also known as Lake Poullet.

Third Swamp was one of a string of lakes which fed Walters Brook, sections of which still flow underground and empty into the Swan River at Banks Reserve, East Perth. The other lakes were Stone's Lake (Perth Oval), Lake Poullet (First Swamp, part of what is now Birdwood Square), Lake Thomson (Mews Swamp, between Lake, Brisbane and Beaufort streets); Lake Henderson (parts of what is now Robertson Park and Dorrien Gardens); Second Swamp (Bulwer Street, east of Lake Street); Three Island Lake and Smith's Lake (now Charles Veryard Reserve).

The establishment of a path around the park's two lakes, and other modifications took place in 1899. Since then it has been a popular for wedding photographs, family picnics and a tranquil place to take a walk, read a book under the trees, or watch the ducks swimming on the lakes.
Location: William Street, North Perth

Brigatti Gardens
Brigatti Gardens on Broome Street, Highgate, is a short distance from Hyde Park, and was originally another marsh in the chain of swamps to the north of Perth, of which the Hyde Park lakes were a part. Brigatti Gardens was created from a drained swamp on the most northerly string of swamps.

Walters Brook, which flows into the Swan River at Banks Reserve, originally flowed from a swamp on the site of Forrest Park on Walcott Street, Highgate. The brook still flows today, but is mostly underground until it reaches Banks Reserve.

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